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All of us looking for any light finally found ourselves in our deep dark mind madness, under watch of the smily great creator.

Some intrusion into the Urban photographer David Says.
(drawings made for the exhibition "hanabi2 meet Says").

A several series to express my mess into this crazy world, literally obsessed by new technology and useless politics instead human being.

 My love for fantasy visions and dance are always around my arts to make it going up over my imagination.

hands over and over to put higher and much more to rise our curiosity for each others. Up came the light to illuminate our sky as the name of the Great Boozgakake, the queen of Kak's cat.

walking half dead, zombified as all of us, just tried to survive through our madness over connected world for useless, waste unhuman and robotic life untill we also all dreams about, the "futures" they said... 

Painful to go out of ourselves, hard to leave in it's own mind without any goal, even if we're all still walk on the line. I'm still fascinated by low tech for the 70's and the early 80's, these make my dreams become true in a mordern fantasy clumsy teen life style, sounds such of vintage to me.. Long live the minitel RIP. 

Sick, a kind of madness, those little tiny invisible voices deep, deeper into your mind, right behind you to make you fall on the stairs, to put you down, and enjoyed to crash your soul under this stars's beautiful night sky of my nightmare.

 From a very old urban legend, The Atari's game "ET the extra terrestrial" finally found deep into the Arizona desert, makes me dreams in the legendary adventurer like Christopher columbus discovering an entire new world.

 Noah's ark has been maybe just a way to survive to the human being, already mad of creation by destruction of the other cultures and more .. Just lock the door seems was not a bad idea, just forgot to bolt the door into the location of itself.. what such of irony. 

Family portrait beside my love of dance and piano music specially when it's been played by the absolute Master Sir Vladimir Horowitz.

Lost in the middle of my own town to find at last my place to live, seems like it was similar as a crazy dirt puzzles to the only goal was to make my time life harder even if the keys was deep into my secret pocket.

The tiny afraid to become older till i couldn't feel my crazy cat soul in my head, and sufficiently awake to watch the rises of the people of cats running on my Great Boozgakake.

 Smells of life flowers like a kind wind without any polluted to sit  our imaginations into a walking industrial fake modern life style like a vintage movie of the 80's with over there behind me just a voice told me ... "wake-up.."
  And some photos from my exhibit and book
"Lomographic memories"


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