Welcome, Bienvenue to my fellow visitors ~

I am a french artist, I have worked for a while and still in the animation productions in France for many companies, I also co-directed and directed Tv series, music videos and art films.

Recently I managed my own publishing company "KimoovePROD éditions" inspired by my first website "kimoove.com", our team has produced already 3 art books, made across the factory and the handmade.
I always research a new way to show my arts, to open wide the eyes and move out of the traditional ink and paper.

I made a several exhibitions of drawings, painting and photos and each time is like to make a first step into a new world, it's rich of meeting, exchange experiences and point of art view.
I always wear a mask to be the Masky man for all my artistic public appearances (Book fair, exhibitions, performance, wall painting etc etc...)
It's exciting the public and pick it up his curiosity about my my art.

I'm always open to every kind of propositions as freelance or employee for an entire project in animation, live, short film, art film, Tv series production or any else.

I hope you will like my artworks and my creations 

You can leave a message down on this page and or, contact me by mail at..

Enjoy and see u soon. 

. m.

Thanks to do not use my videos, drawings, photos, design, logo and text for commercial, promotion or any other media (mail, cd, dvd, Blueray, and all the other physical or virtual medias) or any diffusion in any else without permission is prohibited.

 All visuals, graphic designs, drawings, logos, photos, texts, are 
© 2001-2015 . m. Armellino _ hanabi2-KimoovePROD.


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